No one wants to be called provincal. The label conjures up too many negative, especially when applied to people. To be provincal is to be countrified in the wrong way, uncultured and unsophisticated, a rube, a boob, a hick from the sticks. Provincal, moi? No, thank you. To be ProvenÁal, though … well now, that is another matter entirely.

This website is mostly a collection of my random thoughts. However, it can occasionally consist of note-worthy things. I do try to update daily, but sometimes I donít get around to it. In time, when I expand again my horizons, it might grow into a sort of business hub with a blog tacked on, i.e. combine my website and my weblog. But thatís for the future. The majority of the time, this weblog serves as my little playground where I can tweak, enhance, edit, and switch around anything I like, whenever I like. For my own enjoyment.

My name is Tim Smilda. I live in Groningen, The Netherlands. I am a scientist interested in solving problems related to biological systems. I’ve a PhD in biochemistry, University of Groningen, 1997. A large amount of hands-on experience, from expression of recombinant proteins, through determination of biological activity and examination of a protein’s tertiary structure via computer modeling. Acted as a liaison between the wetware of the laboratory scientist and the hardware of the computer programmer, being able to effectively communicate the views of each to the other. Possesses a wide range of scientific expertise, encompassing molecular biology, immunology, protein chemistry, glycobiology, organic chemistry, biochemistry, bioinformatics and computational biology.

Wherever I go, I am rarely without reading material, or music. I read all kinds of non-fiction and literature. If you’re really curious, you can view what I’ve been reading this year, or have a look at my wishlists (Dutch & English). Music feeds my soul too, although my talent is as an appreciator and not a performer.

I like to cook and explore the food scene everywhere I go. Still working on building the whole cooking repertoire that experienced chefs seem to have. Also, my grand cooking aspirations often tend to get sidetracked by my main job and I’m making no claims to be a pro in the kitchen, just an interested cook hoping to share thoughts and experiences. My favorite kind of food would probably have to be Chinese, with Italian, French, Indian food there in a close second. But I’m pretty much open to all types of foods… whatever tastes good and needs simple preparation. My favorite food is Dim Sum (delicious, but needs patience). Pasta Alla Carbonare is up there too. There were two major influences in my cooking; my mother and Zhao Wei. Thanks Zhao for introducing me in the Chinese way of cooking. Other influences, but not less important, in my cooking are cookbooks and television. I buy whatever cookbooks and cooking magazines I can afford with my allowance. The television influence came in three stages: Ken Hom, Keith Floyd, and Rick Stein.

A few years ago I subscribed to Schoolbank.nl. The Schoolbank site is based on a simple concept: find your old school friends. When a new person subscribes to schoolbank an email is sent to all people subscribed to this school. Have a look at Schoolbank if you want to know more about this website, old schoolmates, and about me. When I finished my PhD I lived in Basel, Switzerland, for 4 years. I worked at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for biomedical research (part of the Novartis Research Foundation) in the group of Jan Hofsteenge.

How I finally built the website I needed? I ended up at WordPress. WordPress is primarily used to build and maintain blogs like this one. WordPress is an extremely powerful tool. Itís very easy to create a bunch of web pages and your website just gets bigger and bigger very quickly. Three weeks may sound like a lot, but I knew nothing about WordPress to start. I had to do a fair amount of techie stuff to figure out how to do a few of the more complex things.



2 thoughts on “about

  1. hey hallo tim,
    ik was even op internet aan het zoeken naar de naam smilda en kwam bij toeval je website tegen en zag dat je in groningen woont. Ik ben ook eentje van de smilda clan ben benieuwd bij welke “tak” u hoort!
    alvast bedankt voor de medewerking!

    m.v.g. Wendy Smilda

  2. Verkeerde emailadres.
    ik heb een site gevonden met de hele stamboom van de smilda generatie’s.
    als je wilt mail ik je het adres wel even door.
    ik hoor het wel van je!

    Wendy Smilda

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